Entertainment Links:


Mini Golf  ~ hit this great site, and try your hand at a round of mini golf, loads of fun

4 entertainment ~ to say that this site has tons of entertainment links would be an understatement.  

Beer Links

Molson Online ~ this site is a sure pleaser there is a great contest where you can win the Molson Canadian Rocks House Party!

Budweiser ~ Are you a fan of Frank & Louie?  Those famous lizards have their own screen saver for you to enjoy everyday!

Coors ~ If you are a Coors fan than you will love the great merchandise that you can buy off this site.  Packed with deals!

4 beer ~ as long as you are searching for the almighty beer link, you best go here.  Listing many of your favorite brands they have something for everyone.

Liquor Links

Jack Daniels ~ wonder what the inside of a distillery has going on?  These guys have a comprehensive tour that will please anyone. 

Southern Comfort ~ with the "Comfort Zone" you can find just about anything!  Find your next drink here!

Smirnoff ~ this site is as packed as you could find for a liquor site!  A guaranteed plus for all of you Smirnoff lovers!

4 Liquor ~ Still can't find what you want?  I think we have the place for you.

Other links

Pepsi World ~ We think this site is great, take the virtual tour for a quick fix on those hot days.

Chat Site Links ~ If your looking to Chat we have the best chat sites on the web at the click of a mouse.


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