Site Usage and Disclaimer

Site Usage and Disclaimer

   This site is meant for those who are of legal drinking age within their area.  It is purely entertainment and a way that we showcase what is happening at our establishment.  We cannot restrict those who are on the internet from viewing the information on our site.  Nor are we responsible for the actions of those who visit our site.  With any internet site you should browse at your own discretion.  If you are concerned with who may be viewing this at your home we recommend downloading NetNanny or another browser utility for minors.  

   The Wetlander Bar and Grill, with the use of some of its forms, will often ask for personal information.  We will NOT sell email addresses, nor shall we give away your personal information.  That is considered confidential and is only used for legal purposes and to gather demographics information to better serve you our visitors.  

   There is content within this site that may cause irreparable personal harm if used excessively.  If you plan on making and consuming the drink recipes within this site please remember that excessive use of alcohol is dangerous to your health. 

   Please remember that if you choose to drink that it is important that you not only think of yourself but of others on the road, please don't drive.

   You will notice that the Wetlander Bar and Grill houses outside links (meaning not within the Wetlander Bar and Grill).  While these sites might pertain to our services we are in no way responsible for what may come from you visiting these sites.  Also, we do not endorse banner advertisement that is above our top navigation bar, this is part of our servers advertising.

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