Fear Factor Fridaze have started!

If you are interested in participating you must be present at the beginning of the show.  Participants will be picked at random from the crowd.  We have variety of interesting competitions created by the staff here at the bar and are anxious to see who is man (or woman) enough to stomach their fear and compete....never mind succeed and win.  Shows start every Friday at 9:30pm.  Weekly winners receive $250 and the chance to participate in the final show for a grand prize of $1500.   Be sure to get here early to get good seats.

We hope to see you all out to enjoy the fun and cheer on those who dare to compete.

Weekly Winners

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Week One - Dec. 6 2002

Bobby Willis

Week Two - Dec. 13 2002

Brandon Rachynski

Week Three - Dec. 20 2002

John Langenau

Week Four - Dec. 27 2002

Shawn Kay

Week Five - Jan. 03 2003

Garrit Markham
Week Six - Jan. 10 2003

Ryan Lisoway

Week Seven - Jan. 17 2003

Chris Fountain

Week Eight - Jan. 24 2003

Brianne Bateman

Week Nine - Jan. 31 2003

Mark Peddle

Week Ten - Feb. 7 2003

Shelly H

Final Round - March 7 2003

Mark Peddle