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Front Page

a. Basics - different views

b. Opening a web or page

c. Print a web page

d. Save a web page

New Pages

a.  Consistency

b.  Editing Theme

c.  Creating a new page



a.  Bullets

b.  Hyperlinks

c.  E-mail addresses

d.  Table

e.  Pictures

E-mail (Outlook Express)

a. Adding People to Your Address Book

b. Creating a Mailing Group

c. Adding / Deleting Members from Mailing Group

For further assistance:

  •  use the Help menu, and go to Microsoft FrontPage Help
  •  Contact Extreme Solutions


The views in FrontPage

  • Page view allows you to create, edit, and view your web pages.
  • Folders view shows a directory level representation of your web site and a properties list for each folder or file.
  • Reports view enables you run reports for information such as the number and type of images on your page, broken or outdated hyperlinks, or pages that might be slow to load.
  • Navigation view shows an overhead look at the structure of your web site.
  • Hyperlinks view presents a visual "map" of the hyperlinks to and from any page in your web site.
  • Tasks view  lists the name, priority, status, and other information about each task in the current web site.

Open a web site

  • By default, Microsoft FrontPage automatically opens the last web site you worked on.
  • On the File menu, click Open Web, make sure "My Network Places" is selected on the left hand side, then click on, open
  • To open recently edited web sites, on the File menu, click Recent Webs, and then click the web site you want.

Open a web page

Click on Folders -> find the document you would like to edit (i.e. bookstore.html) -> double-click on the document -> it will be opened for you in the page view


Print the page as it looks in Page view

  1. In Page view, click the Normal button (bottom of screen).
  2. On the File menu, click Print.
  3. Set your printing options, such as the name of the printer you want to use and the number of copies you want.

Note   Hyperlinks and pictures are printed as they look on the Normal pane in Page view.


Save a web page

A) To a file system

  1. On the File menu, click Save As.
  2. Navigate to the location in the file system (i.e. on your computer) where you want to save the page.
  3. In the File name box, type the name of the page.
  4. Click Save.

B) To a web (the page was opened from a location outside the current web site)

  1. Click Save As on the File menu. 
  2. Navigate to the location in the web site where you want to save the page.
  3. In the File name box, type the file name of the page, and then click Save.


To insert bullets:

Format ->  bullets and numbering -> click on "use pictures from current theme" (if you are using a theme, else use Plain Bullets or numbers) -> ok



If you want to put a web page in your newsletters, type the address, then highlight it:
Insert -> Hyperlink -> Select Existing File or Web Page (it should already be selected)
then in the "Address" type the web url (i.e.

E-Mail Address:

If you want to put an e-mail address in, type the e-mail address, then highlight it:
Select E-mail address in the Link to (left hand side), type in the e-mail address, and
you can also put a subject



If you want the words to be in the top, rather than the center (highlight the cells):
Table -> Cell Properties -> Cell -> Vertical Alignment -> Top



Add a graphic from a file

  1. In Page view, position the insertion point where you want to insert a graphic.
  2. On the Insert menu, point to Picture, and then click From File.
  3. Browse to the graphic you want from your local file system or web site, select the file, and click Insert.

    You can specify the type of file you want to view in the Files of type box.

Note   When you save the page, Microsoft FrontPage prompts you to save the graphic to your web site. (save it to the images folder) 


New Pages

Creating a New Page

  1. File -> New Page or Web -> New Blank Page

  2. You will be given a new page to start.  Notice that the header, footer and theme are already there, waiting for you to start!

  3. Save your page


Use "heading 1, heading 2..." This will make your titles consistently have the same format.  If you want to change how the heading or background looks, change the theme, rather than just on one newsletter.  That way all your newsletters will easily have the same look and feel.

Editing Theme:

Format -> Theme -> (<name of theme you use>): Select (apply theme to all pages)

Modify: Color, Graphics, or Text


Modify Text:

    More Text Styles

    Styles -> scroll down until you see "h1, or h2 ... h6"  These will be the ones you would be changing

    Select h1 (heading 1)


    Format -> whatever you would like to change...

    Keep clicking ok, or yes to save your changes


E-mail (Outlook Express)

Mailing groups are used so that when you want to send the exact same e-mail to many people at once, you just enter the mailing groups name in the "To" field, and all the members will be e-mailed.


One thing to consider, is putting your e-mail address in the "To" field, and entering the group name in the "Bcc" field.  This will still send an e-mail to everyone on your list, but now no person will be able to see anyone else's e-mail address.


Note: If you can not see the Bcc field, when you are sending a message go to View -> All Headers.


Adding People to Address Book

Right-click on their e-mail address -> click on "Add Sender to Address Book"


Tools -> Address Book -> File -> New Contact

Enter their information


Creating a Mailing Group

Tools -> Address Book -> File -> New Group

Enter a Group Name (i.e. Wetlanders Mailing List)

Select Members (from your address book) to be a part of this mailing list


Adding / Deleting Members from your Mailing Group

Tools -> Address Book -> (click on the + sign beside Main Identity's Contacts) -> Double click on your group to open it up

Click "Select Members"


You can now highlight the person that you would like added (on the left side), and press the "Select" button. 


Note: All current members in the group will be shown on the right hand side of the screen.


To delete a member from the group, select that member (on the right hand side) and press delete on your keyboard.  This will remove them from the group, but will not remove them from your mailing address book.



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